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Sachin - The Story Of The World's Greatest Batsman

Sachin - The Story Of The World's Greatest Batsman

  • Author: John Nixon Gulu Ezekiel

  • Publisher: Penguin Books

  • Language: English

  • Paperback: 408 pages

  • ISBN : 978-0-143-06690-3

An enormous amount of international cricket has been played around the world since the first release of this book seven and a half years back. This has meant the addition of nine chapters to this updated edition while the Epilogue from the original release has been removed since it is no longer relevant. In addition, I have added a paragraph or two to a couple of the original chapters to bring them up to date. The volume of cricket Tendulkar has played in the interim and the spread and easy accessibility of the Internet mean the statistical section has been drastically reduced.

When the book first came out in mid-2002, Tendulkar had played 91 Test matches and 286 One-day Internationals. By the end of 2009 those figures read 162 Test matches and 440 ODIs (plus a solitary Twenty20 International). Tendulkar completed 20 years of international cricket in November 2009 and after all these years he still remains the world's greatest batsman. The name of the book thus remains the same—a tribute to the subject's genius—but much of the story has evolved. This new, revised edition seeks to bring it up to date.

New Delhi December 2009

Gulu Ezekiel

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin - The Story Of World's Greatest Batsman
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