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Growing up Bin Laden - Jean Sasson

Growing up Bin Laden - Jean Sasson

  • Author : Jean Sasson, Najwa Bin Laden, Omar Bin Laden

  • Publisher : One Wolrd - Oxford

  • Language : English

  • Pages : 421 pages

  • ISBN : 978-1-85168-901-9

Thank you, Omar, for your sincerity and integrity. Thank you, dear Najwa, for your sweet ways and your oh-so-careful responses to my endlessly intrusive questions at all hours of the day and night. Thank you, Zaina, for your devotion to Omar, and for your encouragement that Omar continue helping to make this book happen.

Thank you, Liza, my indefatigable literary agent, for believ-ing in this project when others who should have believed did not. I am a most fortunate author to have you represent me. And Frank, my literary attorney, I thank you for being a rock throughout my literary career, for sixteen years now. Havis, I thank you for your generous nature and unfailing help. To Chandler, foreign rights connoisseur, I thank you for falling in love with this story and for presenting it to publishers worldwide with that love in your heart.

A special thanks to my editor, Hope. Liza had told me you are one of the great editors, and working with you has proven that to me. Laura, you never let me down and were always there to an-swer my questions with a friendly word. I thank you and the many people at St. Martin's, who, like me, were drawn into this unique story and enjoyed exercising their skills to bring this im-portant project to fruition.

Thank you, my dear Hikmat, for your diligence in translating a seemingly endless stream of pages from English to Arabic and Arabic to English for my critical research. And to you too, Amin Arabic to Engli d the translation stream threatened for my critical for pitching in when it seem were a pro from the first m„_ to crest and overflow., Evan, you add so much value to this work. you t and your illustrations a men t, ver complaining despite the many have my sincere thanks for ne tweaks on the road to perfection.

Thanks to those who care deeply about this book, and to those who care about the other books I have written or planned projects yet to be written. This includes relatives Aunt Margaret and cous-ins Bill and Alice. My nephew Greg and his son Alec express sin-cere care by calling to check on my progress and well-being during the difficult days and nights of writing. Dear friends who gra-ciously support me at every turn cannot go unnamed. I thank Alece, Anita, Danny and Jo, Joanne, Judy and her mom, Eleanor, Lisa, Maria and Bill, M d aya a, Peter and Julie, and Vicki and her mom, Jo.

And, of course, once again, to my darling jack, who gives me unconditional love while securing the perimeters of my life.


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